Who Needs Fireworks When You Have a Cell Phone?

fire-298115_640You just know you’re having a good day when….

you arrive home having cruised the neighborhood on a hover board, while smoking an e-cigarette with a new or replacement Galaxy Note 7 smart phone firmly tucked in your back pocket-and you live to tell about it.

Time to hit the lotto ’cause this is your lucky day.

Actually, your odds of having a battery explode or start a fire are pretty slim out of the 2.5 million phones that are being recalled.

Still, the failures of both the original and replacement phones have resulted in burns, explosions and property damage.

The problem is, Samsung engineers cannot reproduce those failures or identify the cause.

Now all US airlines and others around the world have banned the devices, because of the risk.

Samsung, along with the Consumer Product Safety Commission has requested that those who own either an original Note 7 or a replacement, immediately turn them off and return to the place of purchase for refund.

Click the link below to learn more about the science behind these exploding batteries and what you can do to  prevent a tragedy. http://sustainable-nano.com/2016/10/13/flaming-cell-phones/ 

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