Beating the Odds

As the legion of Green Bay Packers fans will tell you-the game’s not over ’till the clock reads “00”.

The Monday morning quarterbacks  come out of the woodwork when the team seemingly fails to finish out a game they thought was already won.

The main criticism seems to center around the approach of “not playing to lose rather than playing to win.”

But then again, going for it on fourth and one on the fifty yard line and failing has the critics proclaiming the coach to be reckless in his gamble.

Life is like that. Most of us tend to look for the comfortable, the secure, the less risky way of life. A steady job, family and a supporting circle of friends, leading to a comfortable retirement.

Certainly nothing wrong with that. But could there be more?

The numbers say that comfortable and secure serves the purpose for most of us. That the majority of us would be very happy to look back when all is said and done and see that we lived a good life surrounded by family and friends,  before passing on to the ever-after.

Poker players will tell you that  drawing to an inside straight is a “fool’s bet”  and to be avoided at all costs. However, the odds of drawing one card to a straight flush or a royal flush are even worse, but the pot is much bigger.

The majority of us will never climb a mountain straight up, sky dive or lead a civil rights march.

We could however, make a big difference by moving just a little outside our comfort zone.

What would happen for example, if you spent an hour a month stocking shelves at  a food pantry, checking in on an elderly neighbor or donating to the cause of your choice.

You could roll the dice and follow the urge to play an instrument,  dabble in watercolor or write a poem.

You could run for local, state or even national political office. You could voice an opinion, be part of a community organization, cast an informed vote.

Feel the need to make a difference? Go for it.

Need to express yourself? Why Not?

Have you ever dreamed of running  a marathon (or walking in one)? Put on your shoes.

Want to know what it’s like to risk all  to answer the call- talk with a soldier.

How much would you risk, to heed that voice in your heart that asks, what if?

What happens when you leave it all on the table? When on your dying bed you can look back and say, “I lived a full life.”

Most of us would think of what if?

What if we didn’t?

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  1. Hey Lawrence,
    Great post- clear and easy to follow, it made me laugh and think. Your hard work in all of these posts is appreciated.

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